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Emotional/ Attitudinal Causes of Physical Problems
Info. on Kidney/Bladder/Gallbladder/Liver
Emotional/ Attitudinal Causes of Physical Problems
Alkaline & Acid


by A.M.1.



RIGHT SIDE OF BODY -Masculine energy. Giving, assertive,
extroverted, bringing ideas into action. Inherited perceptions of
the male image. Reflects relationship with one's own masculine side and/or relationship(s) with men (father, husband, boyfriend,
co-workers, friends). Problems in this area may indicate: unresolved relationship(s) (resentment anger) with a particular
male(s); inability to give to oneself or others; holding back on
some level; inability to express or over-expression of masculine energy; overexertion in work and/or activities.

LEFT SIDE OF BODY - Feminine energy. Receiving, passive, introverted, intuitive, creative. Inherited perceptions of the female
image. Reflects relationship with one's own feminine side and/or
relationship(s) with women (mother, wife, girlfriend, co-workers, friends). Problems in this area may indicate: Unresolved relationship(s) with a particular female(s); inability to recelve (feeling unworthy); inability to express or over-expression of feminine energy; inhibited creative expression; not responding
to one's intuition.

TOP HALF OF BODY (FROM WAIST UP) - Communication, self-expression, the senses, emotions, touching. Outgoing, assertive, active, sociable, interpersonal relationships. Problems in this area may indicate: repressed emotional/creative expression. Also refer to other parts of the. upper body.

contact with the Earth. Stability, strength, balance, grounding,
self-support, independence, introspection. Problems In this area
may indicate: lack of emotional stability, balance and self-support. Also refer to other parts of the lower body.

ANKLES -The capacity to support oneself. Stability, balance, our
connection to the Earth (being grounded). Flexibility, movement, progress. The ability to deal with and adapt to the motions and
movements of life's changing experiences. Problems in this area
may indicate: Resistance to progress and change; inflexible atitudes (unwilling to "bend"); a lack of self-support; ungrounded/unstable; uncertainty about one's direction in life.
Refer also to KNEES (which are closely related to the ankles).

BACK/SPINE -Strength, stability, uprightness, and determination in body, mind, and spirit. Support, elf-esteem, responsibility. The ability to support ideas and projects. Problems in this area may indicate: Feeling a lack of emotional support and/or personal strength; carrying too much responsibility; depending too much on others for support; carrying the "heavy burden" of one's
own negative and materialistic thoughts. Repressed feelings and
fears can manifest as pain, tension or discomfort in the back and
spine ("holding back"). Lower-back pain may indicate repressed sexuality, anger, and/or financial worries.

BLADDER -Related to the water element, which signifies emotions and desires. Associated with issues of control. Problems in this area may indicate: Trying to control or "hold back" emotions or desires that need to be expressed; holding onto old ideas that need to be "eliminated;" a need to go and "flow" with life; feeling out of control emotionally, or "pissed off" at someone or something; a need for approval; lack of confidence; feeling weary/ tired; shyness; feeling ineffective.

BLOOD -"In the blood is the life."The blood represents the joy and nourishment of life itself coursing through our bodies, bringing vitality to cells, tissues, and organs. Problems with the
blood may indicate: A lack of joy and enthusiasm with life (discouraged); skepticism; selfishness; unresolved issues with a
member or members of one's family ("blood relations"). Toxicity in the blood can result from negative/destructive thinking. (To purify the blood it is best to eat pure,whole foods and to refrain from eating food that has been obtained at the cost of pain and suffering to animals. It is also important to purify one's thoughts and emotions, which greatly influence the blood.)

BONES -The framework, foundation, and support of our physical/emotional/mental structure. The ability to support ourselves. Strength, power and integrity. Associated with our earthly lessons. Problems with the bones may indicate: A need to
become more solid, stable, and grounded in relation to ourselves and life; lack of internal support or strength; rebellion; lack of
personal integrity; building one's beliefs upon falsehood rather
than upon the "solid foundation" of honesty, truth, and love.

BREASTS (female) -Nurturing, giving, love and mothering. strongly connected to a woman's self-image, feelings about her
own femininity, and issues related to motherhood. Problems in
this area may indicate: over-mothering; unwilling to provide
nourishment or nurturing (physically or emotionally); frustrated
desires related to childbearing; overly forceful attitudes;feelings of inadequacy as a woman; feeling misjudged and/or misunderstood (not respected).

COLON -Elimination of that which is no longer necessary. Issues
related to control and materiality. Problems in this area may
indicate: Holding on too tightly to people, material things, or the
past; guilt, bitterness, doubt; cynicism; envy; over-controlled
attitudes; feeling cut-off, lonely, or left out; unwillingness to let
go; repressed rage; fear of rejection; long-sIanding repressed
emotions. Financial worries and feelings of scarcity can restrict
the movement of the bowels.

FACE -Reflects attitudes about oneself and life. Self'image, ego,
self-expression, and emotional history. The ability to "face"
ourselves and the issues of life with honesty and integrity. Facial
expressions can be an open book that reveals much about our
inner feelings. When we are trying to be something other than
our true selves, or hide our true feelings, there is conflict within,
and the face becomes a mask of tensions rather than an
expression of our soul's beauty and joy.

FEET - Understanding, balance, self-support, stability, motivation.
Being grounded and connected to the Earth. The foundation of
one's body. Stepping into new experiences. Taking the necessary
steps forward (emotionally, mentally or spiritually). The ability to "stand on one's own feet." The courage to be one's True Self.
Problems with the feet may indicate: Fear of "stepping" into new
and different experiences in life; not being grounded, out of
contact with reality; lack of motivation; unsure of one's role in
life (lack of identity); fear of being one's True Self; being too tired (emotionally or mentally) to move forward. Leading others along paths of dishonesty or wrong-doing may also result in problems with the feet.

FINGERS -Like the hands, fingers represent the capacity to "do,"
to "grasp" and "handle" life's experiences. They are an extension/expression of the love of the heart and creativity of
the mind. Fingers represent taking responsibility, giving and
receiving, the ability to "feeL" (For problems with the fingers see
THUMB: Will-power, strength, issues of control, steadiness of
purpose, the conscious mind. INDEX FINGER: The ego, pride,
judgment, power, authority, ambition, leadership. MIDDLE FINGER: Balance, introspection, religion, philosophy, service, responsibility. RING FINGER: Relationships, emotions,
heart, creativity, sociability, adaptability. LITTLE FINGER: Mental/physical communication and expression, the subconscious.

GENITALS -One's relationship to sexuality and interpersonal sexual relationships. Courage, will-power, achievement. Issues of power and assertiveness. The seat of sensation and the life force
(the kundalini or serpent force). The ability to "let go," to surrender to,life; spontaneity. The ability to give and receive
pleasure. Problems in this area may indicate: Misuse of or excessive focus on sex; indulging in pleasure and sensation at the expense of one's true feelings; unwillingness to channel' energy into outlets of creative expression other than sex; selfishness,
greed; deception; lack of affection; feeling unproductive; depressed emotions stored in the pelvic region; inhibitions and/or feelings of guilt associated with sex; anger towards or attempting to punish one's partner; fear of "letting go;" lack of spontaneity in life; inability to fully surrender to the joys of passion and pleasure.

GLANDS -The ability to integrate and balance,the totality of one's experience. Vitality, energy, enthusiasm. Our lands secrete hormones that keep the body/mind system balanced and healthy. These hormones reflect our attitudes and responses toword ourselves and life. One's attitudes and responses are "secreted" directly into the bloodstream. Problems with the glands (endocrine system) may indicate: Unbalanced attitudes (overly restricted and/or excessive): too much focus on certain aspects of life while neglecting other issues that need attention (lack of wholeness and integration).

HANDS/ARMS - The capacity to embrace" and "grasp" life and its
experiences. The hands and arms are an extension and expression of the love of the heart. Communication, creativity. The ability to
"feel," Reaching for goals. Taking hold of one's life (taking responsibility). The ability to give and receive. Problems in these
areas may indicate: Withholding the expression of love, willingness to feel; feeling incompetent or insecure; avoiding one's responsibilities and transferring them onto others; lack of initiative; feeling overwhelmed (unable to "hold on"); failure to give and/or receive what one is capable of giving and receiving.

HEAD -Represents the way we think about ourselves. The head
has the position of authority over the body. It is the directing force which (ideally) synthesizes information from the various
levels of our perception and integrates that information into a
unified and balanced life plan. Decisions, wisdom, faith, will, and
intellect. Issues related to one's conscious thinking. Problems in the head area may indicate: Conscious thoughts not in alignment
with love and wisdom; an unbalanced condition whereby one uses intellect to escape from feelings; lack of faith and trust in Divine Intelligence; overly attached to personal objectives; being too willful and/or obstinate; being overly critical toward one self or others; feeling pressured. What you consciously think and speak affects organs in the head area, throat and jaw. (The source of true wisdom is found in the heart. Intellect without the illumination of love is not wisdom.) 

JOINTS -Joints suggest "flexibility" and ease of movement in body/mind. They are an indication of how we deal with and adapt to the motions and movements of life's changing circumstances.  Problems with joints may indicate: A loss of flexibility in one's attitudes and opinions  (too "rigid" and "stiff"); one's body/mind becoming "bound" with the "rigidity" of skepticism and/or criticism; unwilling to surrender to the flow of life; feeling "disjointed; trying to overpower, or feeling overpowered by, another person's will. Love is the lubricant that frees us from the limitations of rigidity. For more specifics, refer to other headings associated with joints: NECK, KNEES, SHOULDERS, ANDS/ARMS, FINGERS, ANKLES.

KIDNEYS -The ability to "flow" with life and allow life to flow through us. Issues related to elimination; "filtering out" and letting go of that which is unnecessary. Issues associated with relationships. The kidneys are extremely sensHive to emotional stress, and will reflect one's tension/anxiety in impaired functioning. Problems in this area may indlcate: Indecisiveness; being too forceful; repressed anger; feelings of shame; intolerance and/or hostility; emotional stress from relationships; emotional pain; fear of being alone; obsessive thinking.

KNEES -The ability to bend and be flexible in one's attitudes.  Progress, grounding, selt-support, stability, humility. The ability to flow with and adapt to the motions and movements of life's changing experiences. Problems in this area may indicate: A need to be more humble or flexible in one's attHudes(refusing to "bend''); false pride; resistance to Change/progress.

LEGS/THIGHS -Moving forward in life. Progress, strength, power, balance, confidence. Our grounding contact with the Earth. The ability to support ourselves. Our legs and thighs carry us on into new experiences and help us carry the weight of life's pressures. Problems in these areas may indicate: Feeling unable to move or carry on; a lack of strength and/or self-confidence; not feeling powerful or strong enough; lack of initiative; feeling unsupported; not being grounded; fear of progress and/or change.
LIVER -The liver is the hardest working organ in the body.It is related to our desires and emotions and is affected by inharmonious emotional conditions. Problems with the liver may indicate:
Suppressed anger;prolonged bitterness; envy; hostility; unhealthy desires; selfish motives; feelings of despair/distress; feeling helpless/hopeless/incapable.

LUNGS -The lungs are closely associated with the heart, and reflect taking in the "vital breath of life," which is love. Openness, spontaneity, inspiration. Problems in this area may ndicate: Lack of self-esteem, emotional repression; resistance to accepting love;stress associated with relationships; feeling unappreciated; selfishness; resentment; anger; grief for others or self; stifled expression of one's potential or capacity; lack of inspiration and/or spontaneity; too much stress/anxiety.

LYMPHATIC SYSTEM -Related to the water element and signifies the ability to flow with life. Allowing life to flow through us, releasing that which is unnecessary, and bringing nourishment to cells, tissues, and organs. Restriction of emotional energy will produce a corresponding restriction of lymphatic flow. Problems in this area may indicate: Being "uptight;" feeling burdened and/or confused; inability to flow with life's changes; feeling hindered or restricted; impacted/unresolved emotional issues blocking the flow of life force in a particular area.

MOUTH /JAW/TONGUE -The verbal channel/pathway for our mental, emotional, and spiritual expression. Issues related to nourishing and supporting ourselves and to acquiring possessions. Taking in and assimilating new ideas (food). The creative power of the spoken word, which can glorify or condemn, heal or hurt. Problems in this area may indicate: Indulgence in malicious gossip, lying, constant complaining and/or negativity in one's speech; stored tension from unexpressed feelings; fear of expressing and speaking up for oneself; feelings of loss or poverty; defiance; stubbornness. "Swallowed feelings," such as held-back anger and/or rage, are often stored in the jaw. Refer also to NECK and THROAT.

MUSCLES -The ability to move and express. The primary avenue for the physical expression of our desires. Will-power, strength. Problems with the muscles may indicate: Attitudes that are overbearing, controlling, dominating; lack of will to move, Change, express, or progress. For further indications, see individual headings for specific parts of the body where affected muscles are located.

NECK -A pathway through which our feelings move into expression as thoughts and words. The ability to be flexible in one's attitudes. The capacity to view things from various perspectives. Creative expression. Problems in this area may indicate: Unwillingness to acknowledge one's feelings; unexpressed creative forces; lack of communication; failure to see different sides of a situation;feeling overwhelmed; taking on too much responsibility ("a pain in the neck''). A stiff neck can reflect rigidity in one's outlook on life.
PANCREAS -The capacity to take in, assimilate, and balance the sweetness of life. The balance of giving and receiving love. Uncertainty, worry, mental confusion, anger, hostility, bitterness, and/or resentment can take the "sweetness" out of one's life (and blood), resulting in imbalances in this area. Problems in this area may indicate: Issues of rejection and abandonment; feeling unaccepted; self-pity and/or sorrow; feeling deprived of the "sweet" things in life; inability to handle/assimilate the sweetness/beauty of life; loneliness; trying to hold onto life too tightly.

SHOULDERS -Responsibility ("shouldering" responsibility). Self-esteem. Unlike the arms and heart, the shoulders real so related to the expression of love.Problems with the shoulders may indicate: Feeling that one's responsibilities are a burden; "shouldering" a false sense of responsibility;carrying the weight of someoneelse's expectations or demands; withholding the expression of love; tension/stress; fear of expressing oneself; insecurity/lack of self-esteem.
SKIN -Related to one's self-image. Individuality, sensitivity and feeling. Issues related to elimination (letting things go). Problems in this area may indicate: Anger (against oneself or another); fear; anxiety/restlessness; lack of fulfillment; feeling "irritated" about something or someone. Pimples and boils can represent anger boiling up from inside, unexpressed emotions surfacing, and/or anxiety regarding one's relationship to oneself and the world.
STOMACH -The ability to discern, choose, digest, and properly assimilate life's experiences, recognizing what is beneficial and what is not. Being critical/judgmental and/or condemning of others or self will affect the stomach. The stomach is a very sensitive organ which reflects even your most subtle feelings. Problems in this area may indicate: Emotional upsets, worries, anxiety, fear, discontent; impatience; repressed feelings; feeling that one has been treated unjustly; inability/resistance to assimilate and process life's experiences. Lack of discernment and wisdom in choosing the foods. one eats can also create stomach troubles.

THROAT -The center of creativity and expression. The power of the spoken word, communication. The verbal channel for the expression of the heart and mind. Problems in this area may indicate: Fear of expressing and/or speaking up for oneself; difficulty in expressing feelings; unexpressed creative potentials; fear of success or failure; lack of self-identity; lying and/or negative speech. NOTE: Our spoken words are energy in motion and resonate throughout the entire body, powerfully affecting cells, tissues, and organs. Negative, critical, unloving words lower one's immunity and may cause illness in the body. Positive, uplifting words and affirmations of truth vitalize and regenerate the cells, tissues, and organs of the body.

TORSO -This area of the body specifically relates to our unconscious feelings. The organs that are most often affected by our unconscious attHudes are: Heart, stomach, lungs, kidneys, uterus, intestines, pancreas, bladder, spleen, and lower back. Problems with organs in this area may indicate:
Long-held, suppressed/unexpressed feelings such as guilt, fear, resentment, and anger.

UTERUS -"Giving birth" to new and creative ideas. Letting in life. One's relationship to men. Sexuality Problems in this area may indicate: Holding onto old wounds and pain regarding sex and/or relationships; feeling unrecognized and/or misunderstood; repression and/or guilt regarding sex; fears or anxieties related to childbearing and motherhood; issues related to receiving, vulnerability, and femininity.
PROBLEMATIC CIRCUMSTANCES AND PHYSICAL DIS-EASE IN GENERAL -Circumstances in life that bring about mental or emotional pain, and/or physical illness/injury to oneself or others may be related to the following conditions: Not understanding the true meaning and purpose of life; lack of personal honesty and integrity; inability or lack of willingness to express love and forgiveness; withholding the expression of love and acceptance from oneself and others (low self-esteem); unfulfilled need for attention; unexpressed/repressed emotions such as: anger, guilt, fear, hostility; persistent worry and/or anxiety; moving too fast, being too stressed-out, and not taking time to slow down; an internal struggle between one's negative ego(wrong belief systems)and one's conscience (deeper understanding of love,truth and honesty). Healing ourselves requires that we remove the conditions that cause our dis-ease. In this process, we find that the causative actors of illness are not strictly physical problems.
They can relate directly to the mental and emotional life we live as well. Our thoughts and feelings are powerful, dynamic forces that influence every aspect of our lives and are a major causative factor in either the health or dis-ease of our body and mind. How we feel and think about ourselves is what we become. Whether we realize it or not, our conscious and unconscious attitudes (belief systems) and feelings (emotions) powerfully affect the cells, tissues, and organs of our physical bodies, as well as the conditions we experience in the world around us. When we change the way we think, we change our life experience. When we change our attitudes toward others, their attitudes towand us change. The condition of our bodies, as well as the quality of our life experiences, will always be an invaluable aid for mirroring our physical, emotional, mental, and state of health. If we are not happy with how life seems to be treating us, we simply need to change the way we treat life. Positive and healthy attitudes/emotions allow the vital life-force to circulate freely throughout the body/mind system.

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